Thursday, 6 September 2012


Tik-Tok on the clock
i just gotta impress my jock
Eww MY HAIR oh-my-god!!

Is this the case with you too? Fret not honey here i come. In case you're wondering who this lass? I am the queen who’s gonna crown your glory avec mes amis akshitha and shree. From snookis poof to halle berrys pixie, we gonna tattle about the coolest…oops!! the hottest hairstyles. Be it a French braid or a fish tail we’re gonna discuss the how’s, when’s and where’s of hair styling. You have this damsel in feminine armor rushing to your aid with a bazillion vidoes on hair styling. So hurry up ladies you could do so much with your hair.

#lesson 1
Side ponytail
blonde, hair, knot, pony tail, style

#lesson 2
Classic braid bun

#lesson 3
Fish tail
back, blonde, french braid, girl, hair

#lesson 4
Messy bun

#lesson 5
Four strand braids

#lesson 6
Waterfall braid

#lesson 7
Top knot

#lesson 8
Five strand braid

#lesson 9
hairband braid

#lesson 10
Fench braid 
braid, braiding hair, french braid, girl, hair